Love Spells

May 22

Hot to Cast a Love Spell

There are many types of love spells and there are many ways of casting them. People choose to cast a love spell in order to fix broken relationships, save struggling relationship, keep the love alive, for a long lasting relationship, and for many other reasons. In casting a love spell, people also have many ways of performing their spell. They use chants, prayers, songs, etc. Some use talismans, writings, drawings, pendants, candles, water, and any other symbol they believe is effective to their spells. 

There are many types of spells. This includes simple and short spells, and complex spells. Obviously, simple spells are easier to perform and will only take a few minutes. On the other hand, there are spells that are very complicated and difficult to cast. It requires many chants, symbols, and is sensitive to time. Though many people think that complex spells are more effective, many casters still choose to perform simpler spells. Among the simple love spells I know, this is my favorite:

To keep your relationship strong and long lasting, you have to keep the love alive. Get a glass of water. Ask your lover to sip from it, and then followed by you. After you couples get a sip from the glass, next thing you have to do is to break the glass. Gather the broken pieces of the glass, but be very careful. You don’t want to cut yourself. Then, burry the broken glass in your backyard.

Simple love spells are not bad. In fact, they are cute. People in love usually perform this type of spell. It may not be effective for some people, but apparently, they are like morale boosters. It also provides psychological effect keeping lovers deeply in love. Actually, it saves many relationships too.

There are many other love spells in the internet and in books today. You can perform the one that you like most because aside from your desire of keeping a strong relationship, it is undoubtedly fun to do!

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